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About PEC (Profesionales Españoles en Chicago)

PEC is the principal professional organization for Spaniards in the Chicago land area and the Midwest of the United States.

PEC is committed to connect, help and collaborate with Spanish professionals at any stage of their careers.

PEC engages with:

  • entrepreneurs,

  • business owners,

  • professionals from various industries and

  • cultural, and social institutions.

PEC was created in 2010 by a small group of Spanish professionals based across the Chicago land area. Spaniards in the Chicago area had the need to connect with other professionals with which they shared culture and values, but they lacked the conduit to do so.

Soon after its inception, it became clear that the potential was not in connecting a few individuals, but in creating a far reaching professional community for Spanish professionals from a wide range of industries and institutions.



PEC Board


Oscar Moncau



Javier Perez

Vice President Strategy


Lazaro Sanchez
Vice President
Strategic Alliances


Maria Ibanez
Vice President 

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